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What Can “KNOW it ALL” Niagara Do For Me?

Services Included with Your Link to “KNOW it ALL” Niagara:

There has never been a better time than NOW to consider linking with “KNOW it ALL” Niagara! We are moving Full Throttle to better serve all within our group for maximum social media, email distribution and referrals. Now in our 10th year and having partnered with over 1000 businesses from across Niagara and beyond . . . we know that every business needs a marketing team behind them for sharing and keeping their business in the realm of new potential clients.

  1. Our email database is huge and growing every day. Twice a month, you can send us an email on your uproducts or services and we will distribute your message. (Sorry – cannot be accumulated if not used in each month.)*
  2. marketing is vital to every business! KIAN will immediately grow your friendship base on your personal profile and thens hare your Facebook business page with everyone we know on Facebook. We will also provide links to and exposure of your profile / postings / page and events. Also, each new Linker will receive on free hour of Facebook training if needed.
  3. KIAN also offers our private Facebook page which is shared amongst the Linkers only. This is used to stay in touch with each other and offer Linker to Linker discounts and promotions as well as company information.
  4. First right of refusal on many events for partnering – showcasing – and sponsorship.
  5. Support and provide unique opportunities for non-profit/charities and organizations in fundraising.
  6. Distribution of YOUR business cards, flyers and marketing material through office mailers / handouts and at events.
  7. Consistent Direct Referrals to YOU and direct & immediate Linking recommendations to other Linkers.
  8. On-Line – for all to see – Your Business Listing, Link, Logo (or picture) on our website.
  9. “Linker to Linker” Discounts / Promotions and Special Offers & Gifts
  10. Opportunities to showcase your Business / Organization by means of being a host for an upcoming event or a guest speaker or facilitator at an event.
  11. Opportunity to participate in showcasing YOUR Business / Organization’s products or services at yearly events and joint ventures.
  12. Every Linker receives valuable regional updates, information, invites to events that are happening throughout Niagara and beyond.
  13. Each of you, if shared with us, will receive recognition and awards on your accomplishments and achievements.
  14. If needed you can post your employment needs through to Linkers and Niagara and so much more – but some things are better left as a surprise.
  15. Through KIAN you will find: Personal, friendly and extremely loyal Linker to Linker service.
  16. All our Linkers quickly see the advantage of building relationships First and Foremost to build YOUR business or organization.

* Additional email Linker minutes – $25.00 each (2 per month are included in your yearly Link with us)

Your investment is a mere $99+ HST per year for Linkership***. We provide
the means to effectively spread the word about your business, introduce
you to the people you need to meet and help you expand your business
knowledge and personal development.

It only takes one candle to light another.

Light another’s candle through “KNOW it ALL” Niagara and watch your business or organization shine brighter!!!

Invest in your business or organization. Invest in ” KNOW it ALL” Niagara today!


I want to be kept up to date on Niagara business events,
meet the right people and grow my business through a Linkership in “KNOW it ALL” Niagara!

Click here for the PDF application form.

*** For a second business owned by the same (or partnered) owner, Linkership is $50+ HST per year.

For charities and non-profits, the rate is $50+ HST per year.